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Jesse Curney IV was born and raised in Stone Mountain, GA.  As a business and religion major, Jesse received dual degrees from Florida A&M University. Upon graduation, Jesse attended Georgia State University earning a Masters in Sports Administration. It was while working as an athletic director that Jesse was introduced to the world of finance.  

In 2017 Jesse went on to obtain his life and health license and quickly rose to the top ranks of his firm, going from associate to senior associate in only the span of one month. In 2022, on a mission to educate on financial literacy, Jesse decided to form his own agency C4 Financial Group to arm all Americans with the financial tools to secure generational wealth for their families.   

 Jesse Curney IV CEO

C4 Financial Group is a financial firm that offers wealth strategy plans, retirement plans, life insurance, and annuities for their clients. Our philosophy is simple; if our client is satisfied, than we are satisfied. When you become our client, we endeavor to anticipate your needs and provide the tools and advice needed to invest your money safely and alleviate the risk burden. We constantly strive to understand your key financial issues and implement practical solutions that allow you to better manage your money and business.  

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